Transfer Certificate (TC) : General rule and precautions

Whenever a student leaves school during the course of study / after completing studies / passing the highest class of school. Then he has to obtain a transfer certificate (TC) from the current school for admission to another educational institution.

1. Any student from the school can get the original transfer certificate (TC) only once as per rules. Therefore, the original transfer certificate issued from the portal can also be issued only once.

2. Offline TC is issued like any student for any reason. In that case the student will not be able to issue the original transfer certificate online.

3. Fill the shala darpan number only on the offline transfer certificate issued earlier.Fill the shala darpan number issued online on Shala Darpan portal must be made in the scholar register. Keep in mind that only the original transfer certificate is to be issued by the heads of the institution by signing only one of the offline / online transfer certificates.

4. TC is an important student document, which should be impeccable. While filling the student’s detailed description form (Form 9), the school mirror in-charge should take full care to reduce the possibility of any kind of error.

5. After all the information of all the students is complete, every class teacher must get the children ‘s date of birth, name, father’s name, mother’s name, SR number etc. checked, so that the chances of error are negligible.

6. If there is still an error in the school, correct all errors before issuing TC.

7. While issuing TC, match the draft TC with all entries in the SR register, so that errors can be corrected in time. Once the TC is issued, any modification in it will not be possible.

8. If there is still an error in the online TC issued as per the above points, due to any modification in the online TC not possible, the original online TC of such students will be retrieved and handwritten from the previous register of SR TC can be issued. On that handwritten TC, it will be necessary to mark the school mirror number of the previously released online TC.

9. If the TC of another student has been issued in place of one student on the erstwhile portal by the institution head, the TC of such student will not be canceled. In such a situation, the wrong TC-issued student re-enters the new SR no. (SR number) can be issued. In this, the student’s data can be obtained by entering TC number from the old SR number.

10. When a student from school passes in a class (except the last class of the school), it is naturally upgraded to the next class. In such a situation, the student’s TC will be released as per the new session.

11. As per point number-10, while issuing TC, option will be issued TC using name separately due to continuous absence. Due to which the attendance in the new session will be considered as zero and no fee will be payable to the student.

12. According to point number-10, if the school fees have been deposited by the student in the new semester. Then the TC can be issued showing him studying in the graded class and the student will have to show the attendance of the new session in the TC.

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Application and fixed fee should be obtained from the parent / student before issuing transfer certificate. It is necessary to obtain a stamp of the prescribed amount before issuing another copy of the transfer certificate.

Go to Shala darpan portal : Click Here

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27 thoughts on “Transfer Certificate (TC) : General rule and precautions”

    • If admission is taken and fees are deposited. So you will issue TC. You will write 7 in the total working day. With this, we will write 0 in the present.

  1. The new session 2020-21 has started and 4 months are about to get over. If a parent applies for TC now, in July, is a school eligible to charge quarterly fees before issue of TC. The parent hasn’t paid any fees as on date.

    • Yes, schools are eligible to be charged on the basis Fee of old rules. But this time the rules will change a bit here, because the schools are not open to students yet. So, if the parent refuses to pay the fees, you cannot force him.

  2. We have changed our ward school from the beginning of this session ,when we called in old school for TC they said u hv to pay 1 month fee
    Due to pandemic we were unable to report to school.
    Now when we went to collect it.they said pay fee for 6 months now.
    The student has not attended a single day in old school.
    What action can b rakne in such case
    Pls guide

    • The student has not taken the Class for even one day. Also the corona epidemic is going on. So your fees are not made. Tell the school administration that you issue TC. Fees are not made, so they have not been paid If you do not issue TC, I will complain to you. He will release TC. If you do not, then you should give me their details free from the comment along with your details. I will put an article on it. After that, TC will definitely issue.
      Thanks —

      • My ward attend one month class of eleventh standard before announcing the result in 2020. School charge 30000rs tution fee at the time off tc. Should I complaint against that or not.

  3. Respected sir/mam my daughter studied in velammal vidyashram 4th std.Now I want to change the school,I approach the old school for tc ,they are demanding Admission fees and first term fees which is very high for me in this pandemic situation,even our government is telling only 40 percent of the fees should be collected, I humbly request you to help me in this situation

  4. Sir same thing happens with me My two daughters studies in old school but due to corona vires in lockdown we are un able to appy letter for TC so After likedown I bring application for TC school refuse and asked to whole fees of 2020-2021seasion .plese sir help me 9665072337

  5. Respected sir/mam my daughter studied in velammal vidyashram 4th I want to change the school due to high fees structure,when I approach the school for tc they are demanding Admission fees and first term fees which is very high for me to pay in this pandemic situation.even our government is telling that only 40 percent of fees should be collected. I humbly request you to help me in this situation.

  6. Sir , in August and September I asked to school to give TC but refuse It was late becouse fo corona and likedown and yeat school did not open and asking to fees of whole 2020-2021 sesion .school normaly start at 1 of July. 2month gone so I asked iwill pay fees of 2month but they want whole 12month fees .si plese help me .

  7. Sir, I want to admit my child in class IV in new school.I approached the new school on 2.9.2020.
    The school says that either produce the fees recept from old school for the months April to aug. or pay the dues for April to aug. in new school. Can I escape from paying these fees for April to aug.due to covid-19?

  8. one of the student want TC in mid session. she is geting online study material from school and she has given periodic test also. Parents are not ready to give tution fees according govt order(70% of tution fees).
    In this case can i give a TC.

  9. sir i want take my TC from govt and recived one time already and deposit again now i gate once again for further study eska lia kya karna hoga

  10. Hi sir /mam…actually sir maine es section apna school leave krdia hai mae 10th mae ho aur maine TC lai li hai toh kya abh agr mae chahu toh fir se apna purana school join kr skti hu kya ya nhi?


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