Stipend Allowance for Special Needs Girls in Govt School

Stipend Allowance for Special Needs Girls in Govt School : This allowance comes under the inclusive education of the overall education campaign in the state. This scheme has been launched to mainstream girls with special needs, studied in classes 1 to 12, and to build positive thinking towards society, to prevent mutual discrimination. With this, this scheme has been started to encourage them and create awareness about their rights.

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Stipend allowance is payable for enrollment, stay and increase in educational quality of girls studying in classes 1 to 12. In the session 2019-20, a provision of Rs 148100 was made for a total of 7405 girls. In this scheme, the target of separate girls has been set for primary, upper primary, secondary and secondary.

Eligibility :

  • This scheme is only for girls with special needs.
  • Should be regular in state government school.
  • Disability certificate issued by competent medical officer is required.

Period :

Stipend allowance is provided for a total of 10 months.

Amount or Rate :

200 rupees per month is provided under the stipend allowance. If we talk about lump sum then 2000 rupees are provided.

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Some special points related to the scheme :

  • Information about eligible CWSN boys and girls must be updated on the PMS portal. Hard copy has to be sent to the district office.
  • The Head of the institution will have to update the Aadhaar card with the bank account of the eligible girl child.
  • Utility certificate will be provided by the Head of the institution after depositing the amount of steppe allowance in the girl’s bank account.
  • Extensive publicity will be done at the district level, so that more and more eligible children and girls can be benefited.
  • Additional District Project Coordinators will receive applications from schools by the end of August and send a certified number to the state headquarters. Only after this the amount of the scheme will be allocated to the district.
  • The benefit of the scheme will be provided to all eligible girls in the district. But if there is a lack of budget, then any item of inclusive education has savings in it. Its information will be sent to the council. After re-appropriation, the benefit of the scheme will be given to the eligible girl child.
  • If the amount of such allowance is being received from Social Justice and Empowerment Department or any other scheme, then this allowance will not be provided. But it will be necessary to take a certificate to this effect.
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