Smile 2.0 Full Guidelines, Portfolio and Homework

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, regular classes of students are not being held. For this reason, it has been decided by the state government to impart education through online class and video through smile program from April itself. In this article, the department also expressed its interest, and became active towards the online platform.

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But it is said that unless efforts are made from a lower level, nothing can happen. Therefore, if I say that my teacher colleagues played an important role in this, then there would be no exaggeration. Today digital learning has also been started through Doordarshan channels. This has been done because there are different types of classes within our state.

On the basis of which some people make their living even on daily wages. Because of this they cannot buy smart phones etc. for their children. Due to which they are deprived of education. Today it is believed that there will be a TV in every house, so why not get the teaching work done through TV.

So that access to education can be ensured to every student. Now in this episode, SMILE 2 program is being run by the department to provide written work to students. In this, arrangements have also been made to provide housework, check etc. for each student.

Students’ portfolio will have to be made :-

The portfolio of all the students of classes 1 to 8 studying in the school will have to be maintained. So that it can be made part of the Sessional Evaluation. In the portfolio, general information of the student like name, leaf etc. will be mentioned on the first page. After this, writing or printing homework on the pages will be attached in this file.

If you want to create a student portfolio of your school, then watch the following video. With the help of this, you can create a portfolio of all the students of your school in just 2 minutes.

The operation of the Smile 2.0 program would be something like this :-

Smile programs are already being conducted to provide online education in schools. But on the basis of that program, not all children were teaching online. Therefore, Smile 2 program has been released for the purpose of monitoring and planetary work on them. In this, the work of checking, compiling and estimating the written work of the students has been started.

Under this online program, not only homework will be made available to the students, but regular homework will also be done by them. After the homework test, it will be maintained in the students’ portfolio. On the basis of this, their Sessional Integrated Assessment will be done later.

Homework will be given once in the beginning of the week for classes 1-5. Class 6 – 8 will be provided homework 2 times a week. All the teachers will hand over the homework of their subject to the class teacher, which will be entered into the portfolio of the students. Along with this, the homework pages will also be maintained in their portfolio.

The above record is to be carefully maintained and kept safe. Which is to be presented by the higher authorities from time to time during the observation. Since the Smile 2.0 program is to be made the basis of evaluation of assignments as far as possible. So, we all have to do this work seriously and sincerely.

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