SIPF – State Insurance Provident Fund

The Government of Rajasthan had established “State Insurance & Provident Fund” for the “social welfare” and “economical security” of its state employees. This organisation started with few members which has grown up to 6.12 lac in 2011.

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Some important milestones :

  • 1-Jan-1954: Insurance scheme had made compulsory for all the Rajasthan State Government employees.
  • 1-May-1980: The “GPF” (General Provident Fund) scheme which was optional earlier was also made compulsory on all Government employees. Earlier this scheme was applicable only to those Government employees who were not eligible to subscribe under insurance scheme.
  • 1-Apr-1989: “Insurance scheme” was extended to the employees for District Council and Jury Committee.
  • 1-Apr-1995: “Insurance scheme” benefits were extended to all the regular work charged employees.
  • 1-May-1995: All the Government employees are being provided one more coverage i.e. Group Personnel Accident Insurance Scheme, which was further extended for uniformed policy personnel’s and all the employees of various electricity companies.
  • 14-Nov-1995: ”Student Safety Accidental Insurance Scheme” was introduced to provide coverage against accident to all the students of Government schools. These was extended for the students studying in added and non-added educational institutions from 11-Dec-2002.
  • 1-Jan-2004: New pension scheme has made applicable on all the employees entering the Government service on 1-Jan-2004 or after this date.
  • 17-Aug-2005: Raj Mediclaim Scheme was released for State Government employees.

Schemes for SIPF :

  • State Insurance (SI)
  • Contributory Provident Fund (CPF)
  • provident Fund (PF)
  • New Pension Scheme (NPS)
  • Group Insurance scheme (GIS)
  • General Insurance (GI)

Aims :

The State Insurance and Provident Fund are most goodness and prestigious schemes of Government of Rajasthan. These schemes are social security schemes which besides encouraging savings provide financial & economic strength to the government employees. The main aim of the schemes is to provide financial support to the aggrieved family in the event of unfortunate death of the state government employees.

The General Insurance Schemes aims at providing security to the property of the insured institutions of State Government and statutory bodies.

Mediclaim scheme run by the SIPF Department makes available compensation facility against hospital indoor treatment of Equable diseases to the employees recruited on or after 1-Jan-2004.

New Pension Scheme : These scheme are provides old age pension to the employees of Rajasthan Government, who are recruited on or after 1-Jan-2004.

The Group Personnel Accident Insurance Scheme is another socio-economic security scheme for the State Government employees.

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