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What is Shala Darpan?

Shala Darpan is a dynamic database management portal. Today information technology is an essential part for the smooth running of an organisation. Shala Darpan is a data base portal run by the Rajasthan state government for the secondary education department where all the information are feeded online and are updated from time to time which are available for everyone. Presently all the data of primary and secondary education school, employee and students are available online.

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NOTE : लिंक तब – तब कार्य नहीं करते हैं, जब – जब शाला-दर्पण पोर्टल कार्य नहीं करता हैं | अतः समय – समय पर लिंक को जाँच करते रहें |



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शाला दर्पण सम्बन्धी विभिन्न आदेश / दिशा-निर्देश / प्रपत्र : – 

  1. शाला दर्पण सत्यापन प्रमाण – पत्र
  2. शाला दर्पण भौतिक सत्यापन प्रपत्र

Document Description


विद्यालय एवं संस्‍था प्रधान सूचना (विद्यालय बेसिक प्रोफाईल)

प्रपत्र 1
विद्यालय समेकित सूचना

प्रपत्र 2

बजट मद के अनुसार स्‍वीकृत पद आधारित विद्यालय कार्मिक विवरण

प्रपत्र 3A
विद्यालय के अन्‍य कार्मिकों का विवरण (मा.शि. विभाग के स्‍वीकृत पद के अलावा)

प्रपत्र 3B

कक्षा एवं वर्ग वार विद्यार्थी नामांकन

प्रपत्र 4
कक्षावार विद्यार्थी प्रविष्टी

प्रपत्र 5

विद्यालय हेतु संकायवार विषय चयन

प्रपत्र 6
11th -12th कक्षा विद्यार्थी वार संकाय – ऐच्छिक विषय चयन

प्रपत्र 7

विद्यालय में कंम्‍प्‍यूटर व इंटरनेट सुविधा

प्रपत्र 8
विद्यार्थी विस्तृत विवरण प्रपत्र

प्रपत्र 9

“व्यक्तिगत विवरण प्रपत्र” (For all Education Department Employees)

प्रपत्र 10
विद्यालय प्रोफाइल

प्रपत्र 11

विद्यालय इंफ्रास्ट्रक्टर एवं सिविल कार्य सम्बन्धी प्रपत्र

प्रपत्र 12

विद्यार्थी विस्तृत विवरण अतिरिक्त सूचना

प्रपत्र 13

विद्यालय एसडीएमसी द्वारा 80जी प्रमाण पत्र प्राप्त किये जाने हेतु आवेदन के सम्बन्ध में प्रपत्र

प्रपत्र 14

विद्यालय में क्लिक कार्यक्रम लागू करने के सम्बन्ध में प्रपत्र

प्रपत्र 15
शिक्षक विस्तृत विवरण प्रोफाइल भरने के बारे में दिशा-निर्देश

Shala Darpan portal was started by RMSA (Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan).  RMSA has changed SMSA this time. Therefore run by SMSA (Samagra shiksha abhiyan) now a day. On this portal students admission, TC (Transfer Certificate), school name, class, age, result etc are updated.

The information regarding total number of students, free text book distribution, Budget, scholarship are also available on this portal.

Information about important activities of the Department, state order is now being made available only on in the school’s login. This online portal, made with technical collaboration of NIC Rajasthan, was first admitted in the School with approved post subject and after that the details of all personnel engaged against these sanctioned posts have been collected, which itself is a novice and innovative Effort in Education Department.

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Shala Darpan are developed by Government of Rajasthan School Education Department. Development agency is on NIC (National Informatics Centre). In this portal information about all government schools and education offices is kept online and updated as a continuous process. In this portal , “live data” is compiled in connection with primary and secondary education students, schools and academic and non-academic staff.

Shala Darpan Login Process :


Open Google home page and type Shala Darpan.

After showing result “click” Raj Shala Darpan then open tab SMSA. Click the right side corner “Login” tab.

After showing new window type user name, password and Enter Captcha press “Login tab” and open “Shala Darpan home page“.

Portal Utilization and overviews :

  • Keeping Education Department updated with school level information.

  • Successful evaluation of their co-scholastic activities with the regular entry of the students ‘level of learning’.

  • Effective implementation of schemes by accelerated monitoring at state level.

  • Online joining and reliving.

  • Add. Budget demand (TA grant, Paid up budget, verdiya)

  • Online result.

  • Online transfer certificate.

  • Scholarship online.

  • Transport voucher.

  • Free textbook distribution.

  • Cycle distribution.

  • Teacher report.

  • Student report.

  • Examiner data mapping.

  • Student details.

  • CSG school grant.

  • SMC related information.

  • Rajasthan state vacant teacher post.

  • School infrastructure module.

  • PEEO Monthly Progress Report.

  • Student attendance.
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