Shaala Siddhi Portal : Login Information Update etc

Shaala Siddhi Portal : Login Information Update etc :-
The Shala Siddhi portal has been started to lay the foundation of this idea ‘How is our school’. The data of all state and non-government schools in India is made online every year on Shala Siddhi portal. Shala Siddhi is not a new program. It is an attempt to integrate and implement various efforts in the field of quality of education in the previous years.

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Suppose you have to get your child to enter school. You want to be admitted to a good school. In which academic and co-academic processes provide opportunities for students to learn in a fear-free, stress-free and enjoyable environment. There should also be an all-round personality development.

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It is necessary for all of these that the environment of the school is clean and tidy. In which students are given other activities along with studies. For this you do not have to wander from place to place, you can do all the work sitting at home. You can get information about any school through the Shala Siddhi portal. What physical resources does the school have? How was the exam result of the previous session. You can also get topic-based results through the portal.

Under Shala Siddhi, a total of seven domains have been developed for leveling the school. In which the school is examined on the basis of self-assessment based on different standards.

Dimensions of school achievement evaluation :

  • Based on the resources available in the school – availability, adequacy and utility
  • Based on learning and assessment
  • Based on the progress, achievement and development of the students
  • Based on the performance of teachers and their professional upgrading
  • Based on school leadership and school management
  • Based on inclusiveness, health and safety
  • Based on community participation

Process of self-assessment in Shala Siddhi Portal :

The school has six steps for self-assessment on each dimension –

  1. Questions to consider
  2. factual information
  3. Standards and standards
  4. Sources of evidence
  5. Innovation
  6. Self-assessment checklist

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