RBSE class 10 science hand notes in hindi

RBSE class 10 science hand notes in hindi : Hello friends welcome to all of you. Today’s article is very useful for you and me. Today I have brought for you some special study material related to science subject. According to me it can be useful for you.

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You can do some innovation in your subject. Also you can check the study you have done. Now the exams have arrived. Therefore, all colleagues are in great need of gas paper. Therefore, all the fellow people are requested to cooperate with their colleagues.

Any partner with whom advanced study materials are available. They should share notes with their name and place of posting on the mobile number given below. So that the material with their name can be uploaded. Friends, this will be completely your science blog. Efforts are being made to prepare the portal in such a way that you can upload the content yourself.

Name :- Raj Kumar
Mobile No. :- 9413970702

Name :- Gautam Raj Acharya

Mobile No. :- 7891497497

Lesson No.Name LessonTotal MarksDownload
1Food And Human Health4Click
2Human System6Click
4Immunity And Blood Groups3
5Chemistry In Everyday Life4Click
6Chemical Reactions And Catalyst3Click
7Atomic Theory And Periodic Classification And Properties Of Elements5Click
8Carbon And Its Compounds4Click
10Electric Current5

Other Helpful Article :-

Lesson No.Name LessonTotal
11Work, Energy And Power5Click
12Main Natural Resources4Click
13Waste And Its Management3
14Economics Importance Of Plants And Animals5
15Structure Of Earth3
16Universe And Organic Evolution3
17Search Of Life Outside Earth3
18Indian Scientist : Biography And Achievements3
19Biodiversity And Its Conservation5
20Road Safety Education3
  • 3D Human System : Click
  • Most Question in science : Click
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