Rajasthan Service Rules: Rules related to transfer of workload

Rajasthan Service Rules: Rules related to transfer of workload  : On the transfer of Office Chairman Withdrawal and Distribution Officer to any government employee who is in the post of Office Chairman Withdrawal and Distribution Officer. A report of the transfer will be duly prepared by both the workload and the employee taking charge.

It will be signed by him in full. This prepared report will necessarily be forwarded to the treasury officer, bank and department head and other controlling authority on the same day.

Transfer of Collector, Treasury Officer : –

A report on the workload of the treasury officer will be prepared and forwarded to higher officials. In case of transfer of government employees, if the gazetted employees who are not working in the office of office president and distribution officer. The report of transfer of workload will be prepared in live form. Such report will be sent only to the Head of Department. The test report will be signed on every page. The signature will come by the following officer.

When a gazetted officer takes charge of a newly created or vacant post, or is enthused or abolished such a post assumes the charge. When the charge is taken by any non-gazetted officer. Government employees are assigned or received from them. Where a government employee vacates a post for a short period of time and no formal appointment transfer arrangement is made in his place. When a government employee takes over as a formal and this holiday turns into any kind of holiday. In such a situation, both the signatures will not be required.

Whenever a government employee is nominated for training, the report of the workload will necessarily be sent. The gazetted officer nominated for training will be asked to leave his post and the charge report will have to be dispatched even if no substitute arrangement is made in his place. Such government employee will be sent to the office president through training institute for the date and time of appearing for training and the release of training will be free.

Report charged by Government servants sent on deputation to State Service : –

Government employees transferred on deputation to state service will also send copies of the assignment to ‘Director Pension Department, Rajasthan’. While issuing the order of the Government servant, the Appointing Officer will send a copy of the order to the Director, Pension Department, Rajasthan for pension.

Rule 129 : –

Transfer of such workload which also includes the reception of cash and goods etc. The following instructions should be followed –

The cash book or imprest accounts will be closed on the date of transfer and must be signed by writing a comment in it along with both the government employees who are working and taking charge. In this report, the balance of cash and imprest and if a check book has been handled or handled by them, the number of checks used will also be mentioned.

The officer taking charge will inform in Form GA 44 that the transfer of work has been done. In the conduct of business, any type of anything that has come to their attention will bring to mind. It will include inspection of articles, inspection of goods etc. to check the correctness of details. Records will also be mentioned.

To transfer the workload in an emergency, if such a situation arises for an officer or any such incident occurs. Any senior officer of the department who will be present will take over. If the person taking the charge is not a gazetted employee, then information about the circumstances should be immediately given to a senior officer. It is necessary to obtain an order regarding the amount of cash in hand, if any.

Incorporation in charge reports: –

In the Charge Report, the names of both the employees and those taking charge will also be mentioned in bold letters under the signature. The purpose of transfer of work load like transfer leave retirement etc. will also be mentioned in these reports.

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