Procedure for change of basic post and subject of primary and secondary education personnel at Shala Darpan

Proposals related to basic posts and basic subject change of personnel of elementary education (primary and upper primary) are sent through District Education Officer (Elementary), Headquarters to Shala Darpan Section, Shiksha Sankul, Jaipur.

After reaching the above proposed shala darpan section, Shiksha Sankul, Jaipur, the process related to change of basic posts and basic subjects of personnel is completed by them. With the forwarding by PEEO, the following documents are required to be submitted to the District Education Officer Office-

  1. Verified copy of the first page of the employee’s personnel service book.

  2. Self attested photocopy of training (B.Ed., STC) and academic graduate (B.Sc., B.A.etc) mark sheet for personnel posted before 2012.

  3. Transcript of appointment order for personnel posted after 2012.

Send a copy of the appointment / promotion order of employee (Principal, Principal, Lecturer, Senior Teacher, Teacher etc.) to the original post and subject revision of secondary education personnel through the Principal at or

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