Probationary Trainee rule in rajasthan

What is probationary :-

RSR rule 7 is provided with definitions related to the rajasthan service rules. The definition of the term probationary trainee under the corresponding subrule 7(30) is. According to which it means an employee who has been appointed regularly to a permanent and vacant post in a service.

Note :-

  1. This definition does not effect on those employees who work permanently in a cadre from pre – They are only appointed to the second post.
  2. An employee may not be considered under an probationary unless he is permanently appointed in a cadre. If the employee will not continue to be under probationary under the following conditions in the appointment order, he shall not be deemed to be under a probationary.
  3. Unless determined by the rules in a case a probationary employee shall have all the rights equal to the other permanent employee at his level.

On probation is a person who has been appointed to test the eligibility of that post to be appointed in future.

Rule 7(30A) :- A probationary trainee is one who is engaged by a direct recruitment to a clear vacancy in a service cadre and under training on fixed  remuneration for two years.

Salary in probation period :-

  • No increment will be sanctioned in the probation period. (Rule 27 A)
  • On completion of the probation period the outstanding salary due to issue of an effective confirmation order will be admissible from the advance. (Rule 27 A)
  • An order shall be issued to any public servant for this purpose in case he is executed for his probation period as provided in the service rules. In the probation period is extended for this reason, then there would be sufficient reasons to tell. they will also be broadcast probation time acme. (Rule 27B)

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Note :-

All the appointing officers are ordered to be issued with certainly, after the completion of probation period of the state servants.

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