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I always bring information articles on this portal. Friends, in this article, we will learn about Pay Manager Portal. This article will be a user manual of Pay Manager Portal. In which you will be told about all the necessary tabs of the step by step pay manager. Let’s be the first to know, what is a paymanager ?

What is PayManager :

PayManager is the Pay Bill Preparation System for the government employees. This site is developed by National Informatics Centre. Its provide a common and integrated platform for preparing salary bill of employees. PayManager is the Pay Bill (salary, surrender, DA, TA etc) Preparation for the Employees of the Government of Rajasthan State. The Software not only provides the facilities for Pay bill Preparation but also Preparation of DA Arrear, Bonus, Arrears, TA, FVC, Surrender Bill and Leave encashment Retirement Bill etc.

Some important things need to be taken care before making the bill on paymanager portal :-

  • If a new employee assumes a Government job, Fill all the columns of the paymanager “master pay detail” must necessarily be based on the service book.
  • Employees salary allowances are according to the budget provision from a Detail head, budget head, plan / non plan etc.
  • First, according to the budget head of the employee, make a group in group master.
  • If an employee has a master transfer in the office or create a new master, it has received a popup message while treasury forward the Bill that “verify employee account verification”. This condition go to the “Authorization” and click “Employee Account verification”. Check the bank account number and verify. After verification forward bill to treasury.
  • Any adverse condition on pay manager should be informed to treasury without further delays. That problem can be solved immediately.

NOTE :- Fill carefully master an employee Detail like Personal, Status, Pay and Bank, contact detail, employee dates, employee number, Family detail, Scheme, corp. detail. If the data filled is correct in full form then the problems to be encountered in making the bill automatically.

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-: How to work on DDO Login :-

DDO Login on pay manager is started for DDO’s who make payments through treasury. Through this payment bill can be generated on line and same can be forwarded to treasury on line for payment.

Options available on this portal, how to work on them, difficulties and their solutions are as follows.

Options available on “home page” of paymanager –

  • Master
  • Bill Processing
  • Authorization
  • Reports
  • Other Bill
  • Employee Corner
  • System admin
  • Help
  • Log Out

Here we discuss all of them one by one.

-: Master :-

Go to the Paymanager Home Page ⇒ Master

Here you are shown the following options –

  1. Employee Detail

 1.   Employee Detail :- This option are available on Master“. Under it the following options come –

  •  Personal :-  This field is available for it’s Service category, Service sub category, Name, Current Post, Gender, Group Name, Designation, Father name, Employee ID, Date of Birth, Date of Retirement, Blood group, Post at appointment, Pay commission, HRA eligible city, CCA eligible city etc.

  • Status :- Under it the following options come –

A.  Service Category :- It is shown according to the data filled in personal.

B.  Service Sub Category :- This is also shown according to the data filled in personal.

C.  Status :- Select the required from Ad hoc / APO / Death / Deputation / Extension / NA / Retired / Suspended / VRS.

D.  Temporary / Permanent :- Select the required from None / Permanent / Probation / Temporary.

E.  Service Quota :- Select the required from Deceased / Divorced / Ex-service man / NA / Physical Handicap / Player / Widow.

F.  Category :- Select the required from SC / ST / OBC / GEN.

G.  Gazetted / Non Gazetted :- Select the required form gazetted / non gazetted.

H.  Entitlement Status :- For an employee appointment before 01.01.2004 select Benefit Before 01.01.2004 and a employee appointment after 01.01.2004 select NPS from 01.01.2004.

I.  Marital Status :- Select the required from Divorced / Married / Unmarried / Widow.

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  • Pay and Bank :- Pay commission will be shown as per personal. Fill in the employee pay details as per pay commission. Select whether eligible for HRA and NPA. Fill in bank Branch detail in which payment is to be transferred.

Fill in Increment date which is 1st july of that year.

  • Contact Detail :- Fill in present and permanent address of employee.

NOTE :- As per instruction of finance department fitting of mobile number of employee is compulsory so that he can get SMS on mobile for the payment done through paymanager.

  • Employee Dates :- Starting with following date of employee, all 7 type of information should be filled.

Que. – What do if you are not able to make Bonus Bill ?

Ans. – Check and fill the all employee dates.

  • Employee Number :- Fill in Aadhar no., GPF no., Belt no., SI policy no., PRAN no., in the respective column so that it can be shown in payment details.
  • Family Detail :- Details of employee’s family are being filled with bank account. Thereby transferring the amount to his nominee on death of the employee to his account.
  • Scheme :- Select the nominee filled under different scheme here.
  • Images :- Here is uploaded photo, signature and thumb impression of personnel.
  • Corp. Detail :- Information about any employee education co-operative, society no. 108 is to be filled here.

2.  Group Master :- The salary allowances an employee is received by the prescribed budget head / Object head / Plan / Non plan / Voted / Charged. On the basis of which a group will be created whose name you put as your wish. Without group master you can’t drawn payment.

3.   Group allocation :- This option is used if employee want transfer from one group to another group.

NOTE :- This option work only if no bill is in process in both group.

4.   Deduction Master :- There are a total of 4 options –

  • LIC Detail :- The process of amendment in leech is done here. But master is fill Employee pay detail.
  • Co-operative A/c Detail :- The deduction of co-operative society, bank loan etc. from the salary of the employee, when reidered here.

NOTE :- It is then required to fill up the important information in the corporation detail by going to the master’s employee detail.

  • Other B.T. Deduction :- From the salary of the state government, for deductions which are part of the salary, but are not available in the deductions, there is a deduction ID. Likely Any employee remains in government accommodation so his salary to be deducted from HRA.
  • Loan Detail :- The details of the loan which are filled in employee pay detail are revised here.

5.   CSP Master :- This option is related treasury.

6.   Employee Mobile Verification :- As per instruction of finance department, each employee’s mobile number should be updated on paymanager so that bill etc can be intimated to employee.

7.   Increment Basic :- Appropriate alternqtive is used when all  the employees of the office in the month of july raise the group wise increment.

8.   Move old scholarship data :- Use this option is transfer old scholarship data.

9.   Other DDO information :- Fill the DDO related information likely aadhar number, contact number, e-mail etc in this option.

10.   Rectify wrong transfer :- If employee  master data is transfer wrong office ID. So recuperating is done from here.

11.   DA rate update :- Update DA rate from time to time is done here.

12.   Password change request :- Any employee can act on GA 55 / TA etc from the employee login. Password is reset from there for this.

NOTE :- Password gets last four digit of saving account after reset.

13.   DDO information :- It carries information from DDO of each office.

14.   Add bills roles :- It is used to display undisplayed bill. (Other of salary)

15.   Scheme master :- Central and state related schemes are filled here.


-: Bill Processing :-

1.   Bill no. Allocation :- There are two options are visible –

  • Bill Allocation
  • Bill Modification : These are used to correct the wrong Bill.

Bill number allocation should do in manual option only, as all types of bill paymanager do not have auto allocations.

NOTE :- Select the Bill type salary, DA, bonus, salary arrear, TA, FVC. Select regular of bill sub type salary. Mostly of the bills come on regular. Fill the object head manually in follow instructions –

Salary    01

TA          03

Medical  04

Office ex.  05

Surrender 01

2.   Salary Preparation :- It consists of the following options –

  • Add Group Allowances : If all the employees of the group receive equal allowance exercise this option.
  • Add Group Deducation : If all the employees of the group deduct equal deduction exercise this option.
  • Bulk Allowances : There are more than one group on paymanager and all get equal allowances.
  • Bulk Deduction : There are more than one group on paymanager and all deduct equal deductions.
  • Employee Pay Detail : What allowances to be paid to an employee and what deductions are to be made, these insert here.
  1. Add Allowance :- It can add allowances of employee concerned salary.
  2. Add Deduction :- It can add deduction of employee concerned salary.
  3. Add Nominee :- From this you can pay the employees nominee.
  4. Partial Pay :- Than we can pay fixed days salary in an employee any month.
  5. Add LIC :- In it you can add new LIC. Fill the LIC master here.
  6. Dependent Deduction :- This option is used if court order and when salary is deducted from employee’s salary transferred to another’s account.
  7. Stop Payment :- This option is used if any employee has to withhold salary due to any reason.
  8. Loan Master :- In it you can add new GPF loan, SI loan, HBA Loan. Fill the new LOAN master here.
  9. Suspend :- In an employee is suspended, his “master” is prepared here so that he will get salary and allowances like suspended.

  • Monthly Salary Process : The correct salary statement of employee in employee pay detail is followed by the process of monthly salary process. If any one or more employee’s salary is to be created in that group click the box above the bill detail. Now clicking the box in front of the bill will display the names of all the employees in the group. In displayed name list the salary which is to be paid select and process. Salary of all the staff present in group be create then only select the box in front of bill and process.
  • Add Group Dependent Deduction : If any deduction is to be made permanent in an employee’s salary then this option is selected.
  • 7 pay Arrear fixation : This option is used to make the salary of jan. 2017 to sep. 2017.
  • Salary arrear 7th pay : This option is used to make outstanding salary arrear from oct. 2017.
  • Individual salary process : If any month salary is made excluding an employee so next month the salary of that personal is made in this option.
  • Advance salary process : If one month salary be paid in advance to an employee so use this option.

3.   DA Preparation : The DA is prepared in DA arrear and any type of correction then DA arrear updation is used.

4.   Leave Encasement Preparation : Change the status of master employee detail before making bills is it. do not pay stop other wise bill will not generate.

5.   Surrender : Surrender bill and his arrear is prepared in preparation.

6.   Forward to DDO : After processing any bill it is done forward to DDO.

NOTE : After forwarding the DDO bill is also available in the DDO login for revert.

7.   Transferred Employee Salary : If an employee is transferred and the master has been transferred, The salary owed of that employee is used this option to drawn from the old office.

8.   Employee half pay : If an employee remains at half pay leave then salary is drawn at here.

9.   Stationery allowance process : Bills of stationery allowances are process here.

-: Authorization :-

  • Bill forward to treasury : Please check the bill after forward to DDO that bill was correct or not. If bill is made right do it treasury forward.

Once the bill treasury is forgone the bill can not be mended. If correction is to be made the bill has to be revert from treasury on the basis of her reference number. Than bill revert go to authorization bill revert section. Thereafter it will be open for revision.

  • Document Upload : In this you can upload the documents with all types of bills being stitched by making a pdf file.
  • Pay commission updation : There are three option. These are used for pay commission fixation.
  1. Pay commission calculation
  2. Verify entry dates of grade pay
  3. Pay commission report.
  • E- Advice DDO : There are many options –
  1. E – Advice correction
  2. E – Advice forward
  3. Refund Advice
  4. Rejected Advice Delete
  5. DDO Advice Status
  • Employee Detail Updation : There are many options –
  1. Employee  detail approval :- Here’s requests for employees personal detail updation. To whom DDO verify or reject.
  2. Employee bank approval :- Here’s requests for employees bank account change.
  3. Employee bank update request :- From here DDO may itself do the request treasury of bank account change of employee.
  • Transfer employee : If any personnel gets transfer then his master data is transferred from here. Office ID of the employee must be known for this. The orders under which the employee is transferred must have a dispatch number and date.

Que. – One employee’s master has shifted to wrong office ID so what to do ?

Ans. – If master transfer done on wrong office ID and the concerned office has not accept then it can be done by revision master’s rectify wrong transfer. If the concerned office has accept the master, then remaster transfer has to be done.

  • Accept transfer employee : When an employee come in transferred ,The office receives its master data here. The system required two information –
  1. Group
  2. Designation
  • View bill status : After sending the bill to treasury the status of bill is seen here whether token happened or not.
  • Delete Bills : If bill is prepared wrong and if it’s not dispatched to the treasury then it can be removed from here.

NOTE :  If any bill is in objection. Then bill has to be revert before deleting by DDO login.

  • Covering letter : It is mandatory to send the bill to the treasury for the next two days except for the day of treasury forward. If any issue descent is delay so covering letter is released.
  • Employee Account Verification : If an employee has been made a new master or is being made the first time salary of a transferred employee. Then his account verification is done before bill processing.
  • Decrement salary update : If the employee is selected an incorrect increment in the increment basic in the master then that is reverse option.
  • Update bill detail : First time salary is also processed when creating new group of salary or any other allowances, Bill not be process so update here the detail of that group.
  • Bill revert : If bill treasury is not forwarded then bill is revers from here by DDO for amendment. If treasury forwarded then first treasury will have to convert then from here will revert.
  • Employee bill revert : Here employee related bill, TA and Medical bill are revert.
  • Delete pending bill : Many time is left by DDO allocating the bill or bill forward is not sent to the treasury. Then here seems to be pending bill. The main problem comes when an employee has to do a master transfer then it does not master transfer.

-: Reports :-

  • Salary reports : Prepare salary bill and print of bill after treasury forward is drawn from here. The schedule of co-operative society are extracted from the co-operative schedule.
  •  Ekuber Reports : It consists of two alternatives –
  1. E – Advice DDO report
  2. Refund –  Advice report
  • Other bill report : In addition to salary bill other bills print can be obtained from here.
  • D.A. Reoprt : The print with schedule of DA bill is obtained from here.
  • Surrender Report: This consists of the print out of the bill of 15 days surrender bill and 300 days leave incasement bill on retirement.
  • DDO Report : 
  1. Bank Related Report : By entering the account number it can be found that the account number does not represent any double entry on the paymanager system.

 (A)  Bank soft copy : When a co – operative deduction is cut, it is not shown in the outer and inner of the bill, the details of these deduction can be found here.

 (B)  Bank soft copy status : If a bill is passed from the treasury then the amount of the bill transferred to the account can be obtained from.

 (C)  DA / Surrender bank soft copy : NA

 (D)  File Rejection Detail : A bill of DDO has been ECS with the treasury, But in case of any error the bill is not online and has been returned by the bank, it can be obtained here.

 (E)  Bank Report : Here the office employees get their names, designations and bank accounts simultaneously.

 (F)  Payments status : Notice can be obtained from here of whether payment is received to an employee or institution.

 (G)  Rejected A/c Detail DDO wise : If amount is not transferred to an employee’s account in a bill then his updated status can be seen here.

 (H)  Bank Detail Via IFSC Code : IFSC code has known, Give the detail of Bank account here.

     2.  DDO Related Report :

 (A)  DDO wise bill detail : The status of bills drawn and passed by DDO in a given year can be seen from here where TV number are also derained.

 (B)  DDO wise employee status : Information about the status of employee can be obtained from here in an office.

 (C)  Employee transfer detail : All details of the employees who have been transferred to this office and the employees who have been transferred from this office to another office are available here.

 (D)  TV number status report : TV number and date status report of a bill is received which also contains information on bill number, date, pay month, bill type etc.

 (E)  FVC Master Details : There are as many FVC masters as are manufactured, whether it is a third party or telephone, electricity they can received a single notice.

 (F)  TV Number Report : Here, information about TV number of all types of bills is received.

 (G)  Income Tax 16-A Report : NA

 (H)  TV No. Soft Copy Detail : In this option, complete information about the bill with known TV number is obtained.

       3.  Employee Related Report :

 (A)  Last Pay Certificate : If an employee moves to another office after being transferred, the last pay certificate of the employee is obtained from here.

 (B)  Category Wise Status Report : The report of the employees for the budget is obtained from here, through which information of salary allowances is also received.

 (C)  Income Tax Quaterly Report : Quaterly information is prepared every month and quarter in the office, how much income tax has been deducted from which employee, information is obtained from here.

 (D)  Income Tax Report (Other Format) : Quaterly information of every month and quarter is obtained from here in any format other than Pdf.

 (E)  Employee Salary Detail : In this, the salary status of the employee can be seen.

 (F)  GA – 55 : Annual GA – 55 of the employee can be obtained from here.

 (G)  Pay Register : Every employee’s online pay posting can be obtained from here.

 (H)  Employee ID Wise Report : Here, the status of salary can be seen by entering the bank account number of any employee.

 (I)  Employee Net Amount Detail : Here, the status of salary can be seen by entering the employee ID of any employee.

 (J)  Form 16 Report : This is the report of FORM 16 to be prepared for income tax. For this, DDO information option on DDO login master must be completed.

 (K)  Increment Report : Information about the salary increase for the month of July to be set up in the group is obtained from here.

 (L)  Decrement Report : NA

 (M)  Scholar Pay Register : The office where scholar bills are made can use this option to view the details of the entire amount given to the scholar.

 (N)  Employee Annual Salary Report : This option is used to check the full salary details of an employee for a financial year.

 (O)  Income Tax Calculation Data : This option is used to check the income tax details of a month.

 4.  Group Wise Reports :

 (A)  Group Type Report : Under this option, TV no. Of bills prepared by different group And all the information about the bill can be obtained.

 (B)  Group Wise Employee : The status of each group employee is obtained from here.

 (C)  ECS Case Book : Receipt of ECS cash register can be obtained from here.

 (D)  FVC Bill Detail : In this option, the status of various bills prepared by FVC can be seen.

 (E)  Income Tax Report : From this, information about income tax deducted from employees in a particular month can be obtained.

 (F)  Telephone Bill Detail : NA

 (G)  Reconciliation Report : Information about payment of bills can be obtained from here.

 (H)  Budget Head-wise B.T. Detail : You can find out how much has been paid in any salary item.

 (I)  Scholarship Master Data : From here, complete information can be obtained of scholarship.

 (J)  FVC Payment Detail : NA

5. Employee Details : 

(A) Employee master detail : In this, all information related to the employee is displayed such as personal, salary, bank etc.

(B) Pay certificate : Salary certificate for a particular period is obtained from here.

(C) Pay Slip bill wise : Monthly payslip of each employee can be obtained from here.

6. Treasury report : 

7. Scholar aganbari report : Here, hard copies of Outer, Inner and Schedule are obtained from the bill of scholarship / Anganwadi stipend which are prepared in other bill.

8. RIPS payment report : Prints of Outer, Inner and Schedule of bill of Repayment in other bills are obtained from here.

9. PD report : All information on PD payment can be obtained from here.

10. Beneficiary report : NA

11. Stationary allowance reports : Prints of the bill of stationary allowances are obtained from here.

12. Raj poshan report : Inner and Outer of bills prepared by various offices are obtained from the Women and Child Development Department, based on the data available on the government funding.

-: Other Bill :-

 1. Bonus Bill : Bonus bills are prepared here. For this, the Employee Master and other details must be completed. If the bonus bill is made partially then bonus updation is used to update the amount.

2. TA/ Medical/ Loan Process : All TA, Medical, Loan bills are prepared here.

Following options related to loan bill are available here –

  1. If an employee’s loan bill is to be made, from here the employee can be added by the add employee. Bills can be made by filling the required columns.
  2. If the master data of an employee is not on the first paymanager, first the third party master will be prepared on the employee’s FVC master. After this, the employee’s bill can be processed by adding third party here.
  3. If an employee has died, the bank’s details will be filled in the information of the employee’s family first to get their nominee paid. After that, the bill can be processed by selecting nominee here.

3. FVC Bill : First of all, FVC master is prepared. After this, bills are prepared by going through the FVC process here. If an employee has been transferred, the bill can be made by selecting the option add transfer employee.

4. Scholarship/ Aganwari Master : Students / students of Anganwadi stipend are prepared here. For this, their group master detail is first filled. After this the bill is processed.

5. Grant in Aid Scholar Process : Bills of grant are processed here.

6. Adjustment Bill Process : Many times the bills have to be transferred from the salary head and to another Detail Head. There is no cash payment in this. The amount is transferred only in the item.

7. Children Education Bill : Children education bills are processed here.

-: Employee Corner :- 

In this, all information related to TA Bill, Medical Bill and Pay posting of office employees is available. It has the following options :-

  1. Employee Medical Bill
  2. Employee TA Bill
  3. Pay register Detail

-: System Admin :-

It has the following options :-

  1. Create User
  2. Change Password
  3. Group Permission

1. Create User : In a large office where the number of employees is high, the details of bill making can be done in other employees, for this, there is no need to provide the main password to anyone. Here, the user of that employee is created and the work is allotted to him so that he can only perform the said work.

2. Change Password : Password change can be done from here according to the prescribed policy.

-: Help :-

Use this option to register online help and objection.

-: Log Out :-

This option is used to exit the paymanager portal.

PayManager Process :

How to create new group:

1. Type the URL  –

2. After open Pay Manager site, Click on For DDO/Employee Login or Alternate URL 2 as shown above Screenshot.

3. DDO (Drawing and Disbursing Officer) is login in Paymanager as “ DDO” ( Should be selected “ DDO”
option after fill login id ,password , and captcha ) for create /make /process any bills of employee(salary , TA
,medical,DA.. etc ) , third party bill(FVC) , and any other Bills like Bonus, Leave encashment Bill, Leave encashment arrear Bill(DA, pay commission), Arrears ,
Scholarship, other Beneficiary bill , … etc.

4. First user will have to create New Budget Head Group for Non Plan / Plan BFC type SF (state fund) / CA (
Central Assistance) (Head (If 2202-02-109-27-01)… (Budget Head detail should be same as IFMS
budget portal).
Note : Before creating group, it should be assured that budget exits in the heads available on IFMS budget

5. After Creating Group Master (budget), DDO will have to update Designation after select new group in
Personal information (name, fathers name, DOB, bank etc) in Master Employee Detail for all employees.

6. After update all master details, DDO can process any bill for all bill type according to New
Budget head detail.
Note : If posts are not found in the bill/ data after mapping, then check the employee master data and update the employee master data according to mapping.

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