Paymanager – how to create a salary bill

PayManager is the Pay Bill Preparation System. This site is developed by National Informatics Centre. Its provide a common and integrated platform for preparing salary bill of employees. In today’s this post wo will see how to make salary bill on paymanager.

First open the Paymanager site.

After that click for DDO/Employee Login (or directly open by clicking on direct lick).

Clicking on this will show 6 options :

  1. DDO
  2. Employee
  3. Digital
  4. Department
  5. Sub DDO
  6. HOD

You have make a salary bill so you click “DDO“.

Fill the office Login ID in first column and password second column. Below is the capture code entered, filled in the column of the enter capture.

NOTE :- capture code is not case sensitive.

Click on “Login” after fill capture code.

Click on box and click on take me to main site. After clicking open the paymanagerHOME page“.

On the paymanager home page you will see the following options –

  1. Master
  2. Bill processing
  3. Authorization
  4. Reports
  5. Other bill
  6. Employee corner
  7. System admin
  8. Help
  9. Log out

Salary bill has to undergo following steps to make –

  1. Bill Allocation
  2. Employee Pay Detail by visiting Salary Preparation
  3. Monthly Salary Process
  4. Check Inner Bill Report by going to Reports
  5. Forward to DDO
  6. Bill Forward to Treasury

Download the Bill Reports by going to Reports section.

 1.  Bill Allocation :-

For making salary bill first “Bill Allocation” is done. For this go in Bill Processing and click on “Bill No. Allocation“.


Click the “Select Option” there will be two options are visible –

  • Bill Allocation
  • Bill Modification

Select the “Bill Allocation” option.

NOTE :Bill Modification” are used to correct the wrong Bill.

Bill No. Allocation should do in manual option only, as all types of bill pay manager do not have auto allocation.

Bill type : you are making salary bill so please select salary in option. (salary /TA / medical etc)

Bill Sub Type : There’s a regular salary, because most of the regular salaries are made.

Object Head : select Salary 01.

Pay Month : Select the month whose salary is to be created.

Pay Year : Fill the year which salary is to be created.

Bill Date : Today date will come, if pre date have to make bill then pre date can also.

Bill No. : Now, enter your bill number as per bill register.

Submit after complete the above, Then you will receive the massage of “Bill Register Details added successfully” on the screen. Corresponding will display “OK” in a box.

OK click this soon your bill allocation step will be completed.

Important Questions:

Que. – You are making bill of bonus , but bonus is not coming in bill allocation.

Ans. – You must first go to “Add Bills Roles” and by adding “Bonus”, you can now create a Bonus Bill.

Que. – If you are making the bill of uniform, what select in bill type ?

Ans. – Select Bill type FVC or Bill Sub type select Liveries.

Que. – A retired employee whose “Master Data” is not available, How to pay the arrear ?

Ans. – If any retired employee belongs to Feb. 2012 earlier, he does not have master data on the pay manager. You make ‘master’ ready to pay arrear. It does not require that retired employee have employee ID.

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2.  Employee Pay Detail :- 

Going to Bill Processing, go to the salary process. After that go to Employee Pay Detail. After going into it you have to choose the first month, year and Group. Which group I bill you are making.

On completion of this process you will see the names of all the employees of that group in front of. Here’s the employee salary you need to make you “click” the employee. Salary and allowances of that employee will be show as soon as “click” on the name.

The following options appear below the salary and perks –

  1. Add Allowance :- It can add allowances of employee concerned salary i.e. Basic, HRA, DA etc..
  2. Add Deduction :- It can add deduction of employee concerned salary.
  3. Add Nominee :- From this you can pay the employees nominee.
  4. Partial Pay :- Than we can pay fixed days salary in an employee any month.
  5. Add LIC :- In it you can add new LIC. Fill the LIC master here.
  6. Dependent Deduction :- This option is used if court order and when salary is deducted from employee’s salary transferred to another’s account.
  7. Stop Payment :- This option is used if any employee has to withhold salary due to any reason.
  8. Loan Master :- In it you can add new GPF loan, SI loan, HBA Loan. Fill the new LOAN master here.
  9. Suspend :- In an employee is suspended, his “master” is prepared here so that he will get salary and allowances like suspended.

NOTE : If there is a salary stop of an employee want it to be restarted then you can release pay by going to release pay and providing proper reason.

All modes of allowances can be add as under –

  • Amount
  • Slab
  • Formula

NOTE : Select Formula in HRA and DA allowances.

All modes of deductions can be add as under –

  • Amount
  • Slab
  • Formula

NOTE : Select Formula in NPS deduction. Select amount in income tax and GIS deductions.

Second step of salary generation process complete here.

3.  Monthly Salary Process :-

The correct salary statement of employee in employee pay detail is followed by the process of monthly salary process. If any one or more employee’s salary is to be created in that group click the box above the bill detail. Now clicking the box in front of the bill will display the names of all the employees in the group. In displayed name the salary which is to be paid select and process. Salary of all the staff present in group be create then only select the box in front of bill and process.


Third step of salary generation process complete here.

4.  Forward to DDO :-

After processing any bill it is done forward to DDO. Select the bill pay month and year. After select “select bill type” salary and select the bill group. After show please click the box and submit.

Fourth step of salary generation process complete here.

NOTE : After the forwarding the DDO bill is also available in the DDO login for revert.

5.  Go to Reports section and check inner report :-

Go to Reports and click all salary reports. Select the bill pay month and year. Select bill group. Download report based on image given below-

Fifth step of salary generation process complete here.

6.  Bill forward to Treasury :-

Please check the bill after forward to DDO, that bill was correct or not. If bill is made right do it treasury forward.

Once the bill treasury is forgone the bill can not be mended. If correction is to be made the bill has to be revert from treasury on the basis of her Reference number. Than bill revert go to authorization “bill revert” section. Thereafter it will be open for revision.

Sixth step of salary generation process complete here.

Thereafter Go to Reports section and click “all salary reports”. Select the bill pay month and year. After that, select bill group. Select an outer report, Inner report and schedule one by one and download.

Bill Tag :-

After download Salary Bill outer and inner report and schedule tag the salary bill on first Outer Report, second Inner Report and third Schedule and after then absentee statement. DDO will check the all report and put his seal and signature. After DDO seal and signature, salary bill will be processed by the head of treasury officer.

Go to paymanager Main site : Click Here

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