Office Records : Prescribed Maximum Period in Rajasthan State

Office Records : Prescribed Maximum Period in Rajasthan State : Friends, its records are the most important for any office. There can be no office without records. Friends, as you all know that every purchase has a fixed age.

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In this article today, we will discuss the age of various records of office use. Friends, here you can classify the records into 5 groups on the basis of age. These five groups will remain as follows.

  1. Group 1- Office record to be kept safe for one year.
  2. Group 2- Office record to be kept safe for five years.
  3. Group 3- Office record to be kept safe for ten years.
  4. Group 4- Office record to be kept safe for thirty years.
  5. Group 5- Office record to be kept safe permanently secure.

The details of the office records to be kept on the basis of different groups will be as follows :-

Group 1- Office records to be kept safe for one year : –

Friends, the following records are included in this category.

  • Student Progress Book.
  • Register of issuing memorandum Record.
  • Related to the celebration and ceremony.

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Group 2- Office records to be kept for five years : –

  • Daily Student Attendance Register.
  • Register of receipt of fee Register of scholarship distribution.
  • Casual Leave Application File (up to two years).
  • Casual Leave Register and Pion Book (three years).
  • Letter sending register Letter receipt register Bitterly register expenditure.
  • Retail Expense Voucher – 3 years.
  • Local test result related records.
  • Employee appointment applications. (Those who have not got appointment, for 2 years).
  • Fare recovery from state employees.
  • Detailed budget.
  • Departmental Vehicle Repair.
  • Additional topic opening.
  • Documents related to the examination center (up to two years).
  • Inspection report Assembly Question.
  • Circle Officer Meeting Register.
  • Office budget estimate form and register.
  • Documents related to budget allocation, re-allocation (up to two years).
  • Report related to investigation and inspection.
  • Embezzlement and theft cases (up to two years of disposal of investigation).
  • Investigation and inspection report.
  • Leave account of non-gazetted employees. (Up to 3 years of death or retirement).

Group 3- Office records to be kept safe for ten years : –

  • Student’s cash book.
  • Register of disposable items.
  • Register of security amount register.
  • Issue of receipt books.
  • Permit applications for departmental examinations.
  • Appointment in various trainings.
  • Appointment and transfer.
  • Loan advance application form.
  • Donation of the building and state aid for the construction of the building.
  • Evidence of change in date of birth.
  • Board Recognition.
  • Student loan, study and loan.
  • Administrative Officer Conference.

Group 4- Office records to be kept safe for thirty years : –

  • State and National Awards.
  • Installation register.
  • School register Departmental Examination Results Register.

Group 5- Office records to be kept permanently : –

  • Building Lease / Map.
  • Fee Circular Examination / Class Promotional Documents.
  • Grant Record.
  • Recognition circular at various levels of schools.
  • Open a new school.
  • Non-compliance of certificates of departmental examinations.
  • State Employees’ Salary Bill – 35 Years.
  • Establishment class books – 40 years.
  • Expense records related to incomplete projects.
  • Record related to expenditure.
  • Record related to the collection of individual cases.
  • Orders of sustainable nature.

Friends, a state official should always work in the interest of the state. Administrative and judicial decisions are also made on the basis of record. All the necessary records should be maintained till the prescribed age. On completion of the age of record, process of disposal should be done as per departmental rules.

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