NCERT Solutions For Class 8 Science Chapter 1 in Hindi

Hello students, all of you are welcome in today’s article. I always bring some good content for you here on the portal. In this article, today I have brought you the first chapter of class 8 science. In which you can understand the entire chapter very easily through the video lecture. Our effort here is to help you in every way possible.

ChapterCrop Production and Management

The following points of this chapter have been included in this article –

  • Crop
  • Types of Crop
  • Crop production process
  • Manures and Fertilizers
  • Pesticide
  • Irrigation
  • Methods of irrigation

Crop Production & Management Part 1 :

Crop Production & Management Part 2 :

Crop Production & Management Part 3 :

Crop Production & Management Part 4 :

Download chapter 1 question answer :

All the textbook questions of chapter 1 have been provided by Vivaan Classes. You can download the solution by clicking on the download link given below.

Download chapter 1 Question SolutionClick Here

Download NCERT class 8 science chapter 1 book Pdf :

In this article to provide you all kinds of study material at one place, Chapter Wise Book Pdf has also been provided to you here. If you want any solution related to class 8 science. Vivaan Classes are a very good option for him. Where all possible help will be given to you. You can comment on YouTube channel. Team Vivaan Classes will provide a response to each of your comments.

Download NCERT class 8 science chapter 1 pdf in HindiClick Here
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