NCERT Solution for Class 8 Science in Hindi Medium

Hello students, as you all know. Here, quality content is provided to you on this portal. If you are a student of class 8 or preparing for competition. For this, e-content of science subject has been provided in collaboration with Vivaan Classes here. You can get chapter wise videos of NCERT Class 8 Science here. With this, you can also get the solution pdf of textbook questions of each chapter from here. You will also find a Book Pdf of each chapter here.

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NCERT Class 8 Science Chapter wise Solution :

  1. फसल उत्पादन एवं प्रबंध (Crop Production and Management)
  2. सूक्ष्मजीव मित्र एवं शत्रु (Microorganisms: Friend and Foe)
  3. संश्लेषित रेशे और प्लास्टिक (Synthetic Fibres and Plastics)
  4. पदार्थ धातु और अधातु (Materials: Metals and Non-Metals)
  5. कोयला और पेट्रोलियम (Coal and Petroleum)
  6. दहन एवं ज्वाला (Combustion and Flame)
  7. पौधे एवं जंतुओं का संरक्षण (Conservation of Plants and Animals)
  8. संरचना एवं प्रकार्य (Cell – Structure and Functions)
  9. जंतुओं में जनन (Reproduction in Animals)
  10. किशोरावस्था की ओर (Reaching the Age of Adolescence)
  11. बल तथा दाब (Force and Pressure)
  12. घर्षण (Friction)
  13. ध्वनि (Sound)
  14. विद्युत धारा के रासानिक प्रभाव (Chemical Effects of Electric Current)
  15. कुछ प्राकृतिक परिघटनाएँ (Some Natural Phenomena)
  16. प्रकाश (Light)
  17. तारे एवं सौर परिवार (Stars and The Solar System)
  18. वायु तथा जल का प्रदूषण (Pollution of Air and Water)

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