National Pension System : NPS Related All Format

National Pension System : NPS Related All Format :-

Subscribe Registration Format :-

S. No.DescriptionDownload
1.Form CSRF Subscriber Registration FormClick Here
2.Annexure I – Tier II DetailsClick Here
3.Annexure II – Additional Request DetailsClick Here
4.Annexure III – Additional Nomination DetailsClick Here
5.Subscriber Registration Form NSRF Annexure IClick Here
6.Subscriber Registration Form NSRF Annexure IIClick Here
7.Form NRSF – Subscriber Registration Form-NRIClick Here
8.S10-Subscriber Registration Form Tier-IIClick Here

POP / POP – SP Registration Format :-

S. No.DescriptionDownload
1.Form UOS-N1-Pop (Points of Presence) -Registration FormClick Here
2.Form UOS N1-A – POP’s DSC Details Submission NPSClick Here
3.Form UOS N2 – POP-SP Registration NPSClick Here
4.Excel File Format POP-SP Registration Details NPSClick Here
5.Form UOS N2-A – POP-SP’s DSC Details SubmissionClick Here
6. Bank Details Update Form : Annexure NE-5 Click Here

National Pension System Account Maintenance Format :-

S. No.DescriptionDownload
1.NCIS NPS Contribution Instruction SlipClick Here
2.Form UOS S2 – Subscriber Details Change on NPSClick Here
3.Form UOS S7 – Subscriber’s Photo and signature changeClick Here
4.Form S3 – Scheme Preference change for NPSClick Here
5.GoS-S3 – Scheme Preference Change for NPSClick Here
6.S12 – NPS Withdrawal Form Tier IIClick Here
7.UOS S13 – Form for One Way SwitchClick Here
8.Form UOS S5 – Shifting of the SubscriberClick Here
9.Form UOS-S06- Change of POP NPS SubscriberClick Here
10.UOS-S10A Application for unfreezing of PRAN under NPSClick Here
11.Form ISS – Inter Sector Shifting NPSClick Here
12.PAN and Aadhaar card Updation For NPSClick Here

NPS Withdrawal Forms :-

S. No.DescriptionDownload
1.Exit from NPS Due to Superannuation and IncapacitationClick Here
2.Exit from NPS Due to Premature ExitClick Here
3.Form for Withdrawal by Claimant due to Death of NPS SubscriberClick Here
4.NPS : Complete Withdrawal Request Form APClick Here
5.NPS : Complete Withdrawal Request Form ASClick Here
6.Partial Withdrawal form for Tier I account under NPSClick Here
7.Affidavit for non submission of PRAN Card subscriberClick Here
8.Affidavit For non Submission of PRAN Card claimant formatClick Here
9.Certification of death certificate if received in Vernacular Language formatClick Here
10.Indemnity Bond formatClick Here
11.Relinquishment Deed formatClick Here
12.Request for Continuation or Deferment formatClick Here

Required other format please comment in comment section.

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