Income Tax Format For All Government Sector Employees

The rules are laid down for all personnel working in the state of Rajasthan. These rules are made under the Rajasthan Civil Services Rules. In this article of today, we will discuss the rules made by the Government of India. Which apply to all citizens in this country. The main point of this article today is format for income tax. Various rules have been made for this, for which there are many forms. In today’s article, we will discuss various forms used in them.

Order Description
1.Income Tax (TDS) जमा हेतु चालान ITNS-28
2.Income Tax Form 16A
3.मकान किराया भत्ता (HRA) पर कर छूट का प्रावधान
4.Income Tax Calculation Format Pdf
5.आयकर विभाग हेतु मकान किराया रसीद House Rent Receipt for Income Tax
6.Income Tax Return Filling Process

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