How to make surrender arrear bill on pay manager

How to make surrender arrear bill on pay manager : Friends, in this article today, we will discuss about surrender arrear bill process on Pay Manager portal. First of all, let me tell you here that we are going to make the arrear bill of DA amount.

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First of all, you will log in to the portal here. After entering inside the portal, you will do the work of bill creation using the following steps.

  • Bill number allocation.
  • Surrender Arrear.
  • Upload Document.
  • DDO Forward.
  • Download Check List.
  • Forward to Treasury.
  • Download Surrender Arrear Reports.
  • Bill E-Sign / Offline Upload.

Bill number allocation :-

For Bill Number Allocation.

Bill Processing ⇨ Bill No. Allocation

You will first go to the “Bill Number Allocation” sub-menu in the “Bill Processing” menu. In the bill number allocation, you will allow the bill mode to be manually. Now you will select “Surrender Array” in your “Bill Type”. In the Bill Sub Type, select “Surrender Array” from the drop down list. Will enter 01 in the object head.

This is because it is a form of packaging. Let that be the selection you make in the month. Bill year and date by default are set. You will stay here. If you want to make changes, you can make changes. You will mark the bill number according to the bill register. Some slides related to bill number allocation are given below.

If you want to watch videos related to surrender arrears, then click on the following video –

Surrender Arrear :-

The process of going to this option goes something like this –

Bill Processing ⇨ Surrender (15 Days) Preparation ⇨ Surrender Arrear

As soon as you select the above step here. You will see an interface similar to the slide shown below.

Here the year and month remain by default. You will not change it because you have done the bill allocation work this month. Select a group of personnel in Bill Name. (Select the group of bill allocation) After this, in the Financial Year you will select the financial year in which you made a surrender bill of Employee.

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In Sub Type, you will select Surrender Arrear. In Bill Number, you will select the allocated bill number from the drop down list. Now you will select the current rate of DA in DA rate. Friends DA current rate is the rate at which the bill of surrender was to be made. In the box next, you will select the date of the order from the calendar. (Date of Office Order Removed)

There are a total of three types of aid to personnel in front of you. Which is as follows – Name, Employee ID and Belt No. You can add any type of personnel as per your convenience. Here if you do by name, first two letters of the name have to be typed. You will see the personnel’s name as you type two letters. You will click on the personnel name.

On clicking, you will see a pop up screen here. Your data was successfully entered. You will fix the message. Now you will see the personnel list on the side bar. You will click on the personnel name. Friends, here you update the data related to surrender. You will check the details. If there is any error, we will update it.

Friends, here you do not need to process the bill. The bill is automatically processed.

Upload Document :-

To go to this step, friends, you have to follow the following process.

Authorization ⇨ Upload Document

Here friends, you will select the year, month in order. After this you will select ‘Surrender Array’ in Bill Type. Finally, in the Bill group here, you will select the group in which you have made the bill. In the bill number, you will select the allotted bill number. Three types of documents can be uploaded. Which are as follows –

  • Other Document.
  • Order of Surrender Arrear.
  • Retirement Order.

You will upload the necessary documents here. With this, this step is also completed here.

DDO Forward :-

To go to this step, friends, you have to follow the following process –

Bill Processing ⇨ Forward to DDO

Based on the slide shown below, you will make Bill DDO Forward here.

Download Check List :-

You will go to the report section and check the inner report of your bill. The complete process of which is displayed in the slide.

Reports ⇨ Surrender Report ⇨ Surrender Arrear Inner / Surrender Arrear Outer

Forward to Treasury :-

In bill type you will enter surrender arrears. The rest of the process remains the same as the salary bill. If you want to know how to make salary bill, then click on the following link – Click Here

Authorization ⇨ Forward to Treasury

Download Surrender Arrear Reports :-

The procedure you followed while downloading the check list. That is the procedure you have to follow here again.

Reports ⇨ Surrender Report ⇨ Surrender Arrear Inner / Surrender Arrear Outer

Bill E-Sign / Offline Upload :-

Here, you will sign digital like salary bill. If you want, you can also upload offline during lock down. Thanks guys, the process of making your surrender arrears is complete here.

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