How to change employee id in shala darpan

How to change the fictitious employee id given during the time of joining the newly appointed employee :-

  1. First open the Shala Darpan.
  2. Now select the “PEEO role” in the select working role in the shala darpan.

  3. Thereafter, Go to the “office section” menu and select option “Elementary Establishment” . Thereafter select option “Staff reliving / joining (PEEO)“.

  4. After this, a list of all the schools falling under PEEO will be displayed in it. In which, now you OK on the joining option of the given joining / reliving option in front of the name of the school.
  5. After this, all the post-wise reports will come, in which the personnel of whom you have to make amends, edit the front of his post.

  6. After that information of that personnel will be displayed. In it, you change the id of the personnel and complete all the columns and save.

Thus you can easily change the employee id.

NOTE :- The above mentioned procedure is only for elementary education employees. For correction in Employee ID and name etc. of Secondary Education personnel, please mail in the prescribed format from to

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