How To Apply For Gargi Award Rajasthan | Gargi Puraskar

In order to promote girl education, girls who score more than 75 percent marks in class 10 every year are organized on the day of spring, and a certificate of Rs 3000 and a certificate is awarded. This scheme is operated by the Girl Child Education Foundation. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the application process of Gargi Award.

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If you want to know in detail about this scheme, who is eligible for this scheme, what is the qualification required, what are the documents which are required. For this, click on the following link – Click Here

Earlier it was an offline process. But it has been online from the current season. First of all you will visit the official website of Shala Darpan. For this, you can also click on the following link – Click Here

If you go to the school mirror portal, you will scroll down to the bottom. Here you will see a tab called Girl Child Education. You will click on the tab. After clicking, you will see some kind of screen.

Now you will scroll down here, then you will see two tabs as per the screen below.

  1. Gargi Award
  2. Girl Child Incentives

Apply Process For Gargi Award :-

If you are applying based on the marks obtained in class 10, then click on Gargi Award. If you are applying on the basis of class 12 marks, then click on the girl child promotion.

As soon as you click here, an “Apply” option will appear in front of you. You click on it. The process of both remains the same here. Let us first discuss the application process for “Gargi Award”.

Note :-

First of all, you will keep the first page copy of the bank passbook and the certificate of studying in class 11 in a soft copy with you. Along with this, the class 10 marksheet is also included. Whose maximum size is 100 KB can happen till . Along with this, you will also keep your Aadhaar or mass base. In which your name and date of birth are correctly marked. If both of these are not correct, first get them corrected. After that you apply. Otherwise your application will be rejected.

Now you will honor the name of the female student, mother’s name, class 10 enrollment, mobile number and e-mail address at the designated place. After this, we will click on “Authenticate”. Formerly an OTP Used to be, which is currently closed. You will do it As shown below.

Now a new screen will open in your PC or Mobile. You will meet your birth date here by calendar.

After this, you have to fill the Aadhaar or Jan Aadhaar numbers. Keep in mind that after filling the number, you also have to verify. Your date of birth and name must be correctly mentioned in the Aadhaar card, otherwise the application will be rejected.

After that you have to update the school information. You will click on the radio button in front of whatever school, state or private. After that, we will select from the district, block and school list.

Finally, you have to update the bank related information. For which you will first fill the account holder name, IFC code, bank name, account number, branch name. After that you will upload a copy of the cancellation check or passbook.

At the end you will save the application. So friends, you can apply for Gargi Award in this way.

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