Guidelines for 8th exam, Session marks, Certificate, Followup Exam 2020

Guidelines for 8th exam, Session marks, Certificate, Followup Exam 2020 : The name of the exam will be Elementary Education Completion Certificate Examination 2020. Except for the schools of Central Board of Secondary Education, all the students studying in class 8 in all state and non-state schools of the state will be compulsory to appear in the examination.

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It will be the responsibility of the institution heads of all schools to complete the online application form of all the students of class 8 studying in their school for this examination. This exam will be an annual examination for class 8. Apart from this, no other type of examination will be conducted at the school level. It will be optional for blind and dumb students to participate in the Elementary Education Completion Certificate Examination 2020.

Attendance and its count : –

For regular students studying in class 8, it is mandatory to be present a minimum of 75 percent from the date of admission to the preparation of the preparatory education completion certificate examination, before the day before the holiday. In the presence of students by the foundation, a total of 10% discount will be given on the basis of the medical certificate at the discretion.

उपस्थिति के अंक निम्नानुसार निर्धारित होंगे –

  • 3 points for 65% to 75% attendance
  • 4 points for 76% to 85% attendance
  • 5 marks will be prescribed for 86% to 100% attendance.

No student will be declared passed or failed in this examination. Grading will be provided on the basis of 5 point scale in each subject only. Overall grading will be provided on the basis of overall grading obtained in all subjects. There will be no provision of CGPA on the lines of Kendriya Vidyalayas. No fee will be charged from the students for the examination.

In the Elementary Education Completion Certificate Examination, the question paper of each subject will be of total 100 marks. Out of which 20 marks will be reserved for session. The remaining 80 marks will be prescribed for the Elementary Education Completion Certificate Examination. 5 marks out of 20 marks of Session number and 15 marks for attendance, first test, second test, half-yearly examination, third test and other educational, personal qualities, aptitude based activities etc. will be determined according to the table given below.

In the CCE-run school, 5 out of 20 marks will be determined according to the upcoming marks table for personal quality based activities of attendance.

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Under the ‘Right to Free and Compulsory Child Education Act 2009’, students are required to undergo regular education in school. Therefore, no provision has been made for self-studying students within this examination. There is no provision for revaluation in this examination. Reconciliation of marks can be done only at the diet level.

Applications for recalculation can be made online on Shala Darpan portal. For which diet will be charged for calculation at the rate of ₹ 100 per subject. The following instructions will be followed to ensure recalculation and uniformity in all DIETs.

Last date for revaluation application : – Applications can be applied for recalculation within 9 days of distribution of grading certificate.

Timeline for editing the recalculation work through organization and evaluation centers by the Diet : – The recalculation diet has to be completed within 10 days from the last date of application.

After recalculation, in case of grade change, distribution of certificates with revised grading :- Within 10 days from the last date of editing the recalculation work.

The provision of grace marks has not been made in this exam.

The duration of the question paper will be 2 hours 30 minutes, the total integer will be of 80 marks. The Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Third Language question papers will be included in the Elementary Education Completion Certificate Examination. The integer of each subject will be of 100 marks. Based on the marks obtained, subject-wise grade can be determined as follows.

The grade prescribed at the school level in subjects of arts education, work experience, health and physical education will be marked in the certificate containing the grading. Its entry will be ensured by school login on Shala Darpan and PSP portal.

The answer sheets of one block under the district will be evaluated by the evaluation center of the other block in that district. So that privacy can be maintained. Only teachers working at the nearest places will be engaged for evaluation work of answer sheets. They will be given ₹ 5 honorarium for the answer book for the recharge assessment work of actual travel allowance and the entry of marks obtained by the staff window on the Shala Darpan portal.
Travel recharge will be determined at current rates determined by the government.

After evaluation, answer booklets collected from all assessment centers will be preserved in the diet and will be kept till the end of the next session. Disputed answer sheets will not be auctioned even after this. The amount of honorarium will be paid to the teachers after the end of assessment. In addition to language subjects, question papers of all other subjects will be printed in both Hindi and English languages.

Students who are not able to appear in one or more question papers in the Elementary Education Completion Certificate Examination 2020 due to serious illness, accident or any natural disaster, participate in the follow-up examination to be held after the declaration of the result of this examination. Will be able to Copies of the Reserve Question Paper created for the examination conducted for this examination will be made available to all diets.

The candidates who appear in this examination will take part in the main examination. If the candidate has not applied for the main examination, in such a situation, the nodal agency of the examination will be included in the examination after approval by the ‘Registrar Education Departmental Examinations’. The answer sheets of the candidates included in the follow-up examination will be evaluated at their own level by the concerned diet. Grading certificates will also be issued by exam results.

Provision regarding age limit for appearing in the examination : –

On 1 March 2020, the maximum age of the applicant should not be more than 16 years. Under special circumstances, a committee of five senior officers headed by Director Elementary Education Rajasthan will take a decision at the department level to provide relaxation in the age limit.

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